Meet a Member

Spanish Oaks Ranch

Spanish Oaks Ranch is a husband and wife team who live and work in the Bay Area, but wanted a chance to escape to a quieter, more peaceful place to create something new–something we could enjoy ourselves and share with others.

We fell in love with a beautiful but neglected olive orchard in Templeton, nestled among the serene rolling hills and old-growth oaks of the area. The pruning and planting began! We now have 2000 trees of nine different varietals growing on the slopes of our ranch. The hot, sunny days of the Central Coast area combined with the much cooler nights makes the perfect climate for growing our olives.

By being personally involved in every step of the growing and harvesting process ourselves, we are able to create artisanal olive oils to our exacting standards. We hand-harvest to minimize bruising the fruit and we also harvest in waves, ensuring that each varietal is picked at the perfect time. We bring our olives to our miller continuously throughout the day, so that they go from the tree to the mill in less than 4 hours. We also store our oils in stainless steel barrels rather than plastic, and we bottle them on demand. In short, we can be meticulous because of our small size (but big aspirations!) and that allows us to produce oils of the finest quality. 

In 2014, we produced our very first olive oils and we’ve been winning Gold and Silver Medals in international olive oil competitions every year since. We certify our oils as Extra Virgin with California Olive Oil Council each year as well. We are thankful for COOC promoting California olive oil by educating consumers about the myriad of health and taste benefits of extra-virgin olive oil. They also have helped us continue to learn about our craft with their educational seminars and courses over the years. We are proud to be in a group with such fine producers of a wonderful product!