COOC Intellectual Property Subject to License

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California Fresh Membership Mark

California Olive Oil Council’s Seal of Certification Marks

There can be no deviation or alteration of the Marks. Any manipulation of Intellectual Property or file types of the Marks for use on Licensee labels or marketing collateral is a violation to the Certification Mark and Intellectual Property License Agreement (CLA).

The COOC is unwavering in the promotion of California certified extra virgin olive oil. Members who apply to use the Generic Seal will be required to provide copies of packaging that legibly displays the harvest month and year. Members may alternatively use the Harvest Seal which includes the harvest year. The COOC will have a limited supply of the Harvest Seal in sticker format and once the reserve is depleted, requesting members will have to conform to the Generic Seal requirements or use the digital artwork of the Harvest Seal.

The Seal of Certification is available in the following formats:

Rolls of stickers

A shipping and handling fee will be applied at a per order rate of $8.00/order.

Seal stickers are available in the green and yellow color scheme only.

Harvest Seal
  • Rolls of 250 stickers – $25.00/roll
  • Rolls of 500 stickers – $50.00/roll
  • Rolls of 1,000 stickers – $80.00/roll
Generic Seal
  • Rolls of 1,000 stickers – $80.00/roll

Digital Artwork

This can be incorporated directly into your label.

There is no fee for the digital artwork

File types available
  • .ai
  • .jpg
  • .pdf
  • .png
Available Color Schemes for Digital Artwork

The four color schemes were designed to provide additional options for members to incorporate the Seal into their label.

The four options are:

Green and Yellow
Green and White
Black and White
Grey Scale
Table 2: Available Color Schemes for COOC Marks
Green & YellowGreen & WhiteBlack & WhiteGrey Scale
Green: 343
Yellow: 127
Green: 343
Black: 0
Black: 100%
White (Black): 0%
Black: 100%
Grey (Black): 15%
All color schemes are based on PMS. There can be no deviation from the four-color options displayed in Table 2

Purchase COOC Seal Stickers

The COOC Seal of Certification is authorized for use annually to those members who have completed the Seal Certification Program and been awarded with the grade of extra virgin for their oils.