Meet a Member


PRMRY’s story began in San Francisco, where we — Erin and Janell, both certified extra virgin tasters — met over olive oil in Janell’s Noe Valley-based shop. EVOO fortuitously brought us together again just a couple of weeks later, but in Madrid, Spain, where Erin lived, and where, as fate would have it, Janell had already planned an olive oil-centric trip. 

Over the years, our friendship grew, always driven by extra virgin. So much so that if you dropped in on any of our conversations, you’d probably hear us rambling on and on about how much we wished it would be easier for people to understand and appreciate olive oil’s potential. And so PRMRY was born — and ultimately launched in late February 2020, at the beginning of a global pandemic.

With our combined 15 years of experience in the olive oil industry, we set out to produce exceptional extra virgin, and make it easier to choose, use and enjoy. Our bottles tell you straight away how each oil will impact your dish, and with which dishes to use each oil. Meanwhile, you can trust that what’s inside is top notch, as we work directly with the farmer to ensure our olive fruit is picked at the perfect time for the best flavor, and milled immediately after harvest. PRMRY’s quality-certified EVOO elevates your dishes, sustains health, and brings a touch of color and joy to your kitchen.  

As professional tasters, both Janell and Erin serve on sensory panels — Janell on the COOC panel, and Erin is on a panel that typically evaluates international olive oils. For them, quality certification by the COOC has been essential — to demonstrate that their oil meets high standards, and to form part of the community of California producers who are committed to making exceptional extra virgin.

Ultimately PRMRY is all about going back to the basics — the foundation, the ingredients, the colors! — from which you can create all things. The word “primary,” with just its fundamental letters — PRMRY — speaks to the essentials, and PRMRY’s colors and hills are a nod to this sentiment, as well as to the city that is at the heart and soul of Erin and Janell’s creation.