Meet a Member

Olivewood Ranch

Our journey with the olive began 7 years ago. My husband, Pete Vernasco and I purchased a 10-acre parcel with 1,000 mature trees. Quite frankly, we fell in love with the “Agrarian Modern” architecture of the home. The trees created a beautiful backdrop. At the time, we owned a 34-acre vineyard and produced Syrah grapes for Caymus Winery. We knew grapes, but very little about olives. We reached out to UC Davis, COOC, and just about anyone who could offer us advice and help educate us on how to produce exquisite, high quality California extra virgin olive oil.  

With 7 children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren, we are truly blessed to call ourselves a family business. We are proud of the many unique contributions our “team” brings to the table. We all look forward to our “Second Sunday” family gatherings where all contribute, creating exquisite recipes revolving around our delicious California EVOO. Our Tuscan blend of Leccino, Frantoio, Maurino and Pendolino varietals create a well-balanced medium robust profile. With notes of green grass, fruit, cinnamon, and pepper, our oil makes a versatile elixir for all your culinary adventures.

Our oil has won numerous gold medals and awards with both the COOC and the California State Fair. As an apprentice on the COOC taste panel, I have a great appreciation for the producers that put in the time, research, knowledge and hard, hard work so that they can proudly display that COOC seal of approval. When you buy COOC Certified Olive Oil, you are guaranteed the finest EVOO in the world. As a producer, we are most proud to receive our COOC seal year after year as a validation of all that we work for.