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Olivaia’s OLA

Olivaia started with a grove of neglected trees over 100 years old. Using their golden history as our groundwork, we immediately began rehabilitating our trees, trees that would have otherwise headed towards mulch for more lucrative crops like citrus or almonds. Inspired by the history of the trees and the locale, we re-established ties with the table olive sector and embarked on a mission to put history in a bottle. After all, the grove has been the home to many of California’s original olives.

Whether it is our old friends (our trees), the history in the air, or our artisanal approach, our ‘Original Lindsay Artisanal’ (OLA) extra virgin olive oil was in 2018 introduced to the State with immediate accolades, Gold at the California State Fair, & Best of Show at the Fresno Fair. In our second year out we established that 2018 was not just a ‘Cinderella’ year. 2019’s 4 Golds and 8 Silvers confirmed that we are not only bottling history but producing premium extra virgin olive oils that are as unique as the original California olives being used to make the oil. 

Extra virgin olive oils have been around for a long time, in fact our own family roots in extra virgin olive oils go back several hundreds years in the ‘old world’. California being the ’new world’, especially for olive oils, means that we as growers and producers are fortunate to be able to experiment with cultivars, use the latest milling technology, and best of all, have level of enthusiasm that is unparalleled. This enthusiasm and dedication is exemplified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) which we are a member of. Their efforts to educate, and uphold the highest standards is encouraging to a small producer as ourselves. Together with their support it motivates us to keep seeking ‘new ground’ in our ‘new world’ even with our wonderful original California olive trees.

OLA! Become a friend of Olivaia and enjoy Olivaia’s OLA COOC certified extra virgin olive oil, our ’history in a bottle!’