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Macala Orchards

Inspired by our family’s Italian roots, Macala Orchards seeks to provide healthy, quality food directly from our own orchards. We are a small family run orchard growing primarily olives and pomegranates.  Our olive harvesting methods are based on traditional hand picking to reduce injury to the olives as well as transporting the olives directly to press within hours of harvest. We are passionate and committed to these methods that create olive oil with maximum freshness, flavor and health benefits!

 We have 540+ trees on our 20 acre property. The majority of our trees were planted in 2007 and matured enough for our first commercial harvest and press in 2013. We grow primarily Italian Varietals. Villa Macala is what we endearingly call our olive ranch. It is a special place where people come to get away from city life!

Rich Macaluso loves walking in the Olive Orchards, pruning trees, cultivating the soil around the trees and checking on the general health of the trees.  He loves being in the Olive Orchards. A favorite quote of his from the movie “Bottleshock” is an answer to the question: “What is the most important thing to put in your vineyard?” The answer “The owners footsteps!”. The same thought applies to Olive Orchards and quality Olive production.  The only equivalent to a day in the orchards is milling day and watching the new oil come out of the olive mill!