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Gold Ridge Organic Farms

Gold Ridge Organic Farms was started by Farmer Brooke Hazen when he fell in love with a parcel of pastureland in West Sonoma County. The farm is located 50 miles northwest of San Francisco in the rolling rural hills of Sebastopol, where coastal breezes & optimal soils provide ideal growing conditions for 88 acres of olives & apples. 

Owner-Farmer Brooke Hazen moved to Sonoma County in 2001 to pursue his love of farming. Previously, he studied agriculture at UC Santa Cruz and grew row crops of vegetables and sold them at local Farmers Markets. He traveled to Sonoma County often to visit his mother and would marvel at the beauty and serenity of the area. 

Eventually he purchased a parcel of pastureland close to his mother and began planting it with apples, citrus and eventually olive trees.  The proximity of the site to the ocean and the local Gold Ridge soils made it an interesting and special place to grow fruit. Our windmill on the farm generates power from plentiful sea breezes.

An important component of Brooke’s vision was to grow his crops with organic farming practices and to offer healthy farm to table products for the community.  He sought council from local farmers and finished by planting 70 acres of heirloom apples and 18 acres of mixed olive varieties. He established a mix of cultivars with the intention to craft four different olive oils – A Spanish, French and two Italian inspired blends. All crops are certified organic.

The certified organic mill was also built in 2001 and an Italian Rapanelli press installed. This allows the olives to be pressed within hours of harvest. Brooke has opened up the mill to small and large growers for custom harvesting as well. 

The COOC is important to us in order to guarantee the quality of our California oils and to set standards for this esteemed and diverse group of producers. We have benefitted greatly from the COOC resources and are grateful to have access to the collective wisdom available from their team of professionals.