UC Davis Olive Center “Sips and Bites”

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From UC Davis Olive Center:
Javier Fernandez-Salvador is the new executive director of the UC Davis Olive Center. Previously an Assistant Professor at the agricultural extension service of Oregon State University he has led the Olea project, a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to researching and determining the best practices for olive cultivation in Oregon.

Register now for a virtual “Sips and Bites” event on August 25 to learn about his experience producing olives up north and other olive horticultural topics in an open discussion while enjoying our award-winning oils.

We’ll be tasting a selection of UC Davis olive oils. Sales of these products are an integral component of the Olive Center’s self-supporting effort, to continue to provide olive research and education to students, industry, and consumers. The center is doing for olives what UC Davis did for wine.

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