Meet a Member

Bondolio Olive Oil

Someone who looks for the COOC seal wants to create a culinary experience. Whether that experience is in the finest restaurant or at home with friends and family, it’s elevated by flavors that begin here in California, on farms that are carefully tended by members of the California Olive Oil Council.

As members, it’s our commitment to protect the reputation of California’s extra virgin olive oil as the best in the industry. It’s also our responsibility to practice sustainable farming methods that work in harmony with this environment.

Olives are perfect for California’s growing conditions. Here, the natural landscape is like Sicily’s, with flora of prickly pear cactus, palms trees, and eucalyptus. Because olive trees are content with just an occasional sip of water, they grow happily in the warm summers and semi-arid conditions of the San Joaquin Valley.

At Bondolio, our trees have an ancestral lineage that can be traced to the Greeks, who brought olive trees to Sicily over 2,000 years ago. We like to believe Bondolio’s trees have found a comfortable, familiar home on our farm in Winters, California.

Choosing to produce olive oil as a member of the California Olive Oil Council is the best decision we could have made for Bondolio.

As the COOC Board President, I’ve had the honor of working with a community of smart, passionate growers. We all hold ourselves to the highest standards because our farming and milling methods impact the flavor and quality of the oil we produce and—importantly—the culinary experience for those who trust the COOC seal.

Karen Bond
COOC Board President, 2017- 2019