California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Better. Fresher.

Olive Oil Education

We educate consumers, farmers, producers, retailers, chefs and culinary professionals on topics such as the health and nutritional benefits of extra virgin olive oil, what to look for when purchasing extra virgin olive oil, how to taste oils, how to market and sell oils, and tips for the kitchen.


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Trust the Seal

California holds amongst the highest standard in the world for extra virgin olive oil. Trust the COOC Seal and look for it on every bottle of olive oil you are considering purchasing.

When you see the COOC Seal it means it has passed the most stringent quality assurance testing and is 100% California grown.

The Seal is your guarantee for freshness and truth in labeling.

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Marketing & Outreach

Marketing and outreach efforts include sensory courses that teach consumers and retailers how to determine if an oil is extra virgin grade by identifying defects in oil.  We attend trade shows, where we pour COOC certified oils while engaging with retailers and consumers.  Other efforts include national media campaigns, social media, and educational collateral,