About the Seal

The California Olive Oil Council Seal of Quality

When you purchase olive oil with the COOC Seal of Certification, you know you are buying the best extra virgin olive oil made in California.

Let’s face it: many of the olive oils on the market today claim to be extra virgin, but aren't. To give consumers confidence they are purchasing 100% extra virgin olive oil, the COOC created the COOC Certification Program

Using stricter standards than international requirements, only the best California olive oils qualify for COOC certification.

Following every harvest, the COOC Taste Panel, established in 1998, assesses every member’s oil to ensure that it is free of defects. The fruit was picked from trees, either mechanically or physically, with extreme care and without deteriorating the quality of the fruit.  No chemicals or extreme heat may be used during the extraction process.  

International standards require that olive oil meets both chemical and sensory standards to be sold as extra virgin.

To meet the criteria for the COOC Seal, each producer must first submit a laboratory analysis which measures specific parameters that indicate the careful handling and storage of the olives and oil.  

Next, the oil is submitted to the COOC Taste Panel for sensory evaluation.  This panel of certified tasters conducts a blind taste-test to ensure the oil is free of defects. Flavor defects indicate the use of poor quality olives, or that problems occurred during milling or storage.  If olives are damaged (poor handling, moldy, frost), or they are not milled within 24 hours of being harvested, the oil will not be top quality (extra virgin).  Milling at a high temperature (over 86°F) can also negatively impact flavor and quality. 

Only after the oil has passed both tests does it earn the right to display the COOC seal. Purchasing olive oil with the COOC Seal means you are buying fresh, California-grown, 100% extra virgin olive oil -- the healthiest and most delicious olive oil on the market today.

Look for the California Olive Oil Council's seal with the current harvest year to ensure you are purchasing certified extra virgin olive oil from California!

The COOC is happy to act as a resource for those seeking specific varieties, quantities or flavor profiles of oil to serve a variety of purposes.  Click here to view a list of Seal Certified Oils and feel free contact the office with specific questions:

801 Camelia St., Suite D
Berkeley, CA 94710