The COOC represents over 90% of the olive oil producers in the state of California. 

Joining the California Olive Oil Council provides numerous benefits to support and expand your business, including:

  • Seal approval for extra virgin olive oils that pass the certification process, allowing those bottles to display the recognized and trusted COOC seal 
  • Networking opportunities with extra virgin olive oil producers and other industry professionals
  • Marketing opportunites via the COOC booth at professional tradeshows 
  • Workshops providing support and insight into different aspects of your business
  • Information and guidance for newcomers to the industry
  • A monthly newsletter covering essential news affecting the industry
  • Marketing, promotion, and advocacy for the California extra virgin olive oil market

Membership is open to olive oil producers and professionals associated with the industry (Industry Affiliates).*

Join at your appropriate level today.

*All members must abide by the COOC rules and regulations as noted in the COOC Member Standards & Requirements.

Changes in 2014 Membership Tiers and Fees

There have been fee structure changes for the 2014-2015 membership year, including an additional tier in the member tier system. (The COOC membership year aligns with the COOC fiscal year, July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015.) There will now be 6 production tiers as well as the Industry Affiliate category. Industry Affiliates include retailers, bottlers, milling equipment, consultants etc.

In the lower tier categories, adjustments have been made to decrease the fees for some members dependent on their production levels. The membership levels are reviewed each year to ensure that the structure is equitable and in line with the growth of the overall industry.

Tier 1

Production: 500 gallons or less per year.


Tier 2

Production: 501 – 2,500 gallons per year.


Tier 3

Production: 2,501 – 5,000 gallons per year.


Tier 4

Production: 5,001 – 20,000 gallons per year.


Tier 5

Production: 20,001 – 75,000 gallons per year.


Tier 6

Production: 75,001 gallons or more per year.


Industry Affiliates

For professionals serving the California olive oil industry.



Please consider adding a donation to your membership subscription.



For growers and producers of olive oil, membership is based on projected gallons of production for the year (Tiers 1-6). Members in Tiers 1-6 must abide by the COOC Member Standards & Requirements.

Service providers and friends of the industry are encouraged to join at the Industry Affiliate Level. All members, regardless of production or affiliation, may upgrade to any higher level.

If you don’t want to renew online, download a hard copy of the membership agreement to join or renew your membership by mail.

The COOC is member-based and financed non‐profit 501‐(C)6 trade and marketing association. Your contribution of support is greatly appreciated.

All membership purchases are non-refundable.